March is Sales Culture Month

Does great sales culture just happen on its own? Or can great teams be shaped (or destroyed) by factors such as the commissions structure? Join us on the OpenSymmetry blog as we focus on sales culture drivers throughout the month of March, including sales culture horror stories and ways to build healthy lines of communication between the sales and sales ops teams.


Start by reading this article on the WorldatWork Sales Compensation Focus newsletter by OS Director of Strategy Services Jon Clark about shifting sales culture through strategic incentive compensation design. According to the latest research from WorldatWork, the recent economic upswing has created more aggressive sales strategies, which in turn could affect sales culture.


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Eugene So

Eugene So

With years of marketing and PR experience in companies ranging from Austin start-ups to global tech organizations, Eugene is fluent in social media and content development. As the “voice of OS”, she is committed to clearly communicating the years of industry expertise and front-line knowledge that resides in the OS tribe. In her spare time, she loves running at the Pacific Palisades and drinking local coffee.

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