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How Motivated is Your Sales Team?

Is your organization driving the right sales behavior? How motivated is your team to go above and beyond what is expected to meet revenue goals? It is not uncommon for companies to take a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to driving sales behavior....


Congratulations to Anne Cantey on Her Recent Achievement!

Each year, Consulting Magazine awards the best young talent in the consulting profession. OpenSymmetry would like to congratulate Anne Cantey on her recent achievement of being selected as one of Consulting Magazine's 35 under 35 Rising stars. “Having one of our own consultants be selected for...


Blending Talent and Sales
Performance for Success

Attention to performance results including your periodic reviews with your manager, regular sales progress, and management by objectives (MBO’s) all look to focus on the goals and objectives, as well as the achievement results after a period of time. There is huge opportunity for organizations...


Four Ways Talent Management Can Help Your Organization

Talent management applications are on the rise! As stated in a previous blog post on motivating employees, the Human Capital Management market is growing rapidly, especially the talent management component, accounting for roughly 35% of the entire HCM solutions revenue by 2018. What does this...


Head-to-Head: Who Will
Win Finance, Sales or IT?

It is no question that each department within an organization might have different agendas, tasks, and success metrics, which can cause some heated debates. However, one thing should be common amongst all departments – ensuring that the organization is profitable and is in good health....