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Big Data: Driving the Future
of Decision-Making

It’s a truth many organizations don’t want to admit: Corporate decision-making is often like a one-way mirror that reflects a singular perspective. The reason is simple. As humans, we have a tendency to base our judgments on a single piece of information while rejecting other...


Announcing the 2013
Vendor Guide

OpenSymmetry is excited to announce the release of our 2013 SPM Vendor Guide! Our newest guide has evolved significantly to reflect the rapid growth of sales performance management (SPM) around the world. As a result, this year’s guide includes vendors who offer a broad SPM...


Optimizing Core Processes
to Support Sales Performance Management

Managed Services: Part Two - Core Processes In my previous post (Part One), I spoke about the importance of planning for post-deployment when selecting and implementing a new sales performance management (SPM) platform. In today’s post, I will describe the core processes needed to support the...


How long does it take to
process Sales Compensation?

Recently, in the Sales Ops Group forum on Linkedin, the following question was asked - "Sales Ops Gurus - How long is the lag in your commission payout cycle?" Regarding this question, we've found that high performance sales compensation administration teams will complete the end to end...