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How long does it take to
process Sales Compensation?

Recently, in the Sales Ops Group forum on Linkedin, the following question was asked - "Sales Ops Gurus - How long is the lag in your commission payout cycle?" Regarding this question, we've found that high performance sales compensation administration teams will complete the end to end...


Big Things Have Small
Beginnings – Xactly Cloud Solutions

Twelve years ago when I first got involved with the automation of Incentive Compensation I never envisioned what the industry would become from a technology perspective.  The first releases of products just didn’t work and required an enormous amount of pre-processing and the creation of...


SPM Vendor Conversation with
Excentive International

The landscape of the SPM space continues to evolve. This year alone there has been two major acquisitions and a number of very competitive selection deals in a North American market that is certainly heating up as we get farther along into 2012. A number...


New Sales Performance Management Vendor Guide

Once or twice a year I help to lead the effort for my company to release a Sales Performance Management vendor guide to help people looking for SPM technology to have a single overview and quick look at the overall market. This initial look at...


Effectiveness of Non Cash Rewards

I’ve been in Orlando this week doing client work as well as watching people building their arks in case this torrential rain keeps up. Today at lunch I went to the local affiliate one of the national chicken wing restaurants. At the end...