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Ending the Silent War Between Sales and Sales Ops

Having been in both the sales and sales ops role, I've seen more than my share of the battles between these two departments. Here's the breakdown on why this is the case and what can be done about it. From the sales perspective: Those in the sales...


March is Sales Culture Month

Does great sales culture just happen on its own? Or can great teams be shaped (or destroyed) by factors such as the commissions structure? Join us on the OpenSymmetry blog as we focus on sales culture drivers throughout the month of March, including sales culture...


How Two Newborns Caused Sales Comp Armageddon

Who would guess that one person giving birth could throw a company into chaos? That’s precisely what happened when pregnancy complications caused me to leave for maternity leave eight weeks earlier than planned. I was the Global Sales Compensation manager of a large manufacturing company....


You asked, we answered: Should I pay reps on booking or cash?

As a sales compensation consultant at OpenSymmetry, I have heard countless horror stories, like the scenario above, about payment timing. This client paid its salespeople when deals were booked, rather than when the order was paid out – a highly motivating but highly risky pay...