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Build or buy? Strategy

Build or Buy? A Vendor-Agnostic Evaluation for ICM

Whether it involves sun-setting a legacy incentive compensation management (ICM) system or upgrading from loosely-structured spreadsheet systems, there comes a critical point in any IT modernization process where a decision must be made to refactor an aging system, move towards full replacement, or purchase an...


Disaster Recovery for Sales Comp Plan Rollouts

Last week, I addressed how to anticipate and prepare for the aftermath of a sales comp plan rollout – especially when you know the sales team is going to be angry. However, maybe your comp team thought that there was already a good rollout communication...


Outstanding in the Field: ICM Self-Service Enablement for Field Reps

We live in the user experience economy. One-click shopping, visual emails, and ordering lunch delivery through a mobile app with your favorite menu items bookmarked. Likewise, it’s no surprise that more companies are adopting that same mantra with employee self-service in regards to their field...


Mylan Sold Its Soul – Will Your Sales Team?

In the past weeks, Mylan made big news for raising prices by over 500% for the EpiPen, an antihistamine auto-injector used in the case of life-threatening allergic reactions. This aggressive pricing strategy was scrutinized before Congress, with news constantly unfolding about profit margins and anti-competitive practices. At the...


Is Your Compensation Plan Driving Sales to the Wrong Finish Line?

“Moving the needle” in terms of overall sales force performance is no mean feat. Sales Enablement – yes, big S, big E – is becoming an increasingly important function of many sales organizations, charged with increasing productivity, typically through the effective application of investments in...