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How Two Newborns Caused Sales Comp Armageddon

Who would guess that one person giving birth could throw a company into chaos? That’s precisely what happened when pregnancy complications caused me to leave for maternity leave eight weeks earlier than planned. I was the Global Sales Compensation manager of a large manufacturing company....


You asked, we answered: Should I pay reps on booking or cash?

As a sales compensation consultant at OpenSymmetry, I have heard countless horror stories, like the scenario above, about payment timing. This client paid its salespeople when deals were booked, rather than when the order was paid out – a highly motivating but highly risky pay...

Build or buy? Strategy

Build or Buy? A Vendor-Agnostic Evaluation for ICM

Whether it involves sun-setting a legacy incentive compensation management (ICM) system or upgrading from loosely-structured spreadsheet systems, there comes a critical point in any IT modernization process where a decision must be made to refactor an aging system, move towards full replacement, or purchase an...


Disaster Recovery for Sales Comp Plan Rollouts

Last week, I addressed how to anticipate and prepare for the aftermath of a sales comp plan rollout – especially when you know the sales team is going to be angry. However, maybe your comp team thought that there was already a good rollout communication...


Outstanding in the Field: ICM Self-Service Enablement for Field Reps

We live in the user experience economy. One-click shopping, visual emails, and ordering lunch delivery through a mobile app with your favorite menu items bookmarked. Likewise, it’s no surprise that more companies are adopting that same mantra with employee self-service in regards to their field...