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The Power of HCM Systems

How can HR gear up for the challenges of scaling up every aspect of workforce management whilst aligning with business goals? Learn the enabling role technology has to play in transforming HR into strategic partners. This article examines 3 key considerations – the challenges faced by...


Day 2 of the Maserati Challenge – Back in the Saddle

Day 2 of the Maserati Challenge began earlier than yesterday and the weather had dropped a few degrees, the sun decided it didn't want to make an appearance yet. Yelling school kids were cheering us on as we whisked through towns with a pace faster...


Day 1 of the Maserati Challenge is a Wrap!

The Maserati Challenge has officially begun! It was early and a bit chilly as we meet up for breakfast discussing some thoughts for the coming day. We were nervous and excited, knowing that what lies ahead will be a challenge, but we are eager to get...